Wednesday, 6 August 2014

In The Holidays

Success Criteria

Brainstorms to identify main ideas to be used in writing.
Uses most of the main ideas in the writing.
Uses paragraphs and sequences ideas.
Attempts to end writing with a simple conclusions.
Spells most words correctly.
Uses capital letters, full stops, commas, apostrophes, question marks, exclamation marks.
Rereads writing to edit out information that does not improve the message.
Rereads writing to edit in words and phrases that improve the message.
Uses a dictionary to identify and check spelling attempts.
Checks writing for basic punctuation.

I'm Going To Have An Amazing Two Weeks Off School.

On a rainy day of the first week of the holidays (Wednesday) I went to the dentist to get a filling (white). At first I was horrified but when I was getting it I couldn't feel a thing. When people told me to smile half of my face would go up in a smile position and the other half would just stay down. And in a blink of an eye everyone would crack up.  

While a tiring first week (Friday) I went to cinema gold (Havelock) to see Transformers 4 (Age of Extinction). When I was in the cinema I saw Kalani. Transformers 4 was really violent and it was a really tiring 3 hour long movie. Optimus Prime rode one of the legendary beasts but first he had to fight it and it was called Grimlock. At the end Lockdown nearly killed Optimus Prime which scared me a bit because he stabbed him in the heart and Optimus couldn’t get the sword out of his heart. But then I got a huge surprise….. Bumble Bee sprung into action and started fighting Lockdown to distract him from Optimus. They were trying to get the seed which is this bomb that will turn things into ashes.    

During the second week I went to Inflatable World and I really enjoyed it. My favourite part of inflatable world was the AMAZING obstacle course. I did the obstacle course with my friend Louie. My second favourite was these wrestling poles that you stand on and have another big pole in your hands and whack people off, the last person standing is the winner. I came second twice and it’s really hard.

On the 2nd to last day of the holiday program I went to How To Train Your Dragon 2. In the middle of the movie Hiccup finds his mum. At first it was a bit awkward. Everyone thought she got eaten by a dragon but the dragon actually took her to the alpha (leader dragon) for her to look after them. It was really awesome and really sad. “Talking about sad at the end the evil person found another alpha."

It was a really AMAZING holiday off school and I didn’t like the part when Hiccups dad died. At Inflatable World I wanted to do the Obstacle Course again.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Green Anaconda

Derrick Rose

A moment in time...

Generator Off
I heard the generator turn off.
I heard my kitten licking himself.
I saw my kitten sitting on the end of my bed.
I saw the curtain at the end of my room.
I felt my kitten playing with my toes.
I felt the heavy duvet on my body.
I wondered if there were any monsters in my room.
I wondered what time it was at night.

Stoney Creek Ranch Camp

Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Bronson also brought in a piece of real python skin to show us.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014


In class I have been learning about the points of the compass and directions.

This week I learnt about a programme called Scratch which uses directions to create a little computer program.

My job was to use Scratch to create something that could be shared with the rest of the class. What my Scratch was about was all down to me and my imagination! I had to be creative!

Click on the green flag to start and the red octagon to stop.

Swimming Sports

Swimming Sports is where the Year 4s, 5s and 6s at Havelock North Primary take part in swimming races in their houses. We then had to create a voki for homework about one of the races.

Our voki needed to tell the class about our favourite race at swimming sports and why we liked that one the best. We had to remember to hook our listener in and give the audience lots of interesting information.